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Miracle   Medical is a South African Medical Equipment and consumables supplier. Based   in Johannesburg, we service the whole of South Africa and the entire   Continent of Africa.

 Established   in 2001, we have consistently grown and developed into one of the Industry   Leaders in Emergency Medical Equipment, Consumables and now, Pharmaceuticals   through our parent company, Square Pharmaceuticals. We   have concentrated on increasing our footprint by obtaining and developing new   and innovative products for our industry. We have been very honoured to be   awarded various exclusive agencies and we are constantly on the lookout for   more. We are continually researching new products and adding to our range.

 Miracle   Medical is very flexible and in tune with the specific needs of our clients   and are happy to conform, wherever possible to individual needs and   requirements.

 In   May 2014, we proudly became a member of the Medrock Group. Under the banner   of Square Pharmaceutical Distributors we can now offer a comprehensive range   of medications and pharmaceutical products